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As small business owners, we are definitely aware that time is of the essence. It is not possible to add hours to the day, but by prioritising, labeling, and organising you can save yourself some time in the future.

Whether you are an experienced organiser or you are taking the first steps towards a more organised life, it can be helpful to have some inspiration. We aim to inspire you with our ideas, photos, products and organising tips and tricks.


We are a young couple with a passion for all things home. We want our home to be minimal and modern and that is exactly what we wanted for our home organisation products.


We started The Little Label Lady in 2021 because we realised that finding affordable, customisable and practical organisation products was extremely difficult in South Africa. 

We decided on glass and bamboo storage containers as they are environmentally friendly and provide the minimal and modern look and feel we want for our home.  


Our customisable labels are our biggest passion. This is where we can get as creative as we want to be. I label everything and anything I can put my hands on – and my husband can vouch for this. I love to play around with different colours, patterns and fonts to keep our labels custom and fresh.  

Always remember: “Organising is a journey, not a destination.”

Therefore, your organising journey will continue and evolve throughout the different phases in your life and we will be here each step of the way.

Happy organising!

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